The presence of foreign actors in the Syrian reconstruction period

Lessons for the development of the regional influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran​​​​​​​

Report No:101

    Due to the sanctions imposed by the United States, especially the Caesar Act, many foreign actors cannot be seriously involved in the reconstruction of Syria. Even Russia, which has openly opposed the new US sanctions in the political arena, may have backed down some companies in practice, due to the activities of present in Syria in other countries; But it seems that Russia has some big plans in Syria, including investments in the port of Tartus and phosphate mines, which are carried out by the sanctioned company Stroitransgaz, will continue.
    The withdrawal of powerful foreign competitors in the field of Syrian reconstruction causes an irreplaceable opportunity for Iran to emerge in this period, which, if taken advantage of, can expand the economic influence of the Islamic Republic on par with political and security influence for decades. At the same time, considering the deterioration of the economic and livelihood situation of the Syrian people, Iran's procrastination in the serious and planned entry into the reconstruction of this country, can lead to the emergence of serious gaps between the government and the people and even a renewed confrontation between them. This confrontation with the intervention of the enemies of Syria and the axis of resistance will cause them to achieve what the enemies were unable to achieve on the battlefield, in the field of reconstruction and play with the livelihood of the people and take Syria out of the axis of resistance. Although the United States of America and the European Union may not restore their diplomatic relations with Syria for political reasons, they will restore their influence through some European countries and some Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.​​​​ ​​​​

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