Lessons for the development of the regional influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Acquaintance with USAID partner western companies and institutions in Iraq

Report No: 109

Executive Summary

    With the end of World War II, the United States of America, with the aim of developing its national security, took a new strategy to develop its economic, cultural and social influence in the world by shaping the governance structures of countries. In later years, this strategy became known as "nation building". The United States is the oldest and most experienced country in using this strategy to influence different countries, especially Muslim countries, and examples of its implementation can be seen mainly in Kuwait, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan
    One of the important countries in the Middle East region where the United States implemented its strategies was Iraq. Iraq's experience can be considered as the newest American nation-building project in the region and even the world. The US Department of State is responsible for the implementation of this project in Iraq, which seeks to protect the interests of the United States by using its executive institutions in this country. The United States Agency for International Development is the main pillar of the implementation of the United States programs in Iraq, and it pursues the nation-building strategy in Iraq by using the capital and experience of American foundations, institutions, and companies. The most important western institutions partnering USAID in Iraq are:
1- Save the Children; Active in improving children's lives
2- International Organization for American Migration (USA For IOM); Providing humanitarian aid to people affected by natural disasters and war
3- National Democratic Institute; Support and strengthen democratic institutions  all around the world
4- Mercy Corps; Providing humanitarian aid in crisis societies
5- American Islamic Congress; Creating understanding between religions and ethnic groups
6- Center for International Private Enterprise; Market reforms aimed at strengthening democracy
7- Bank Information Center; Supporting transparency, accountability, sustainability and participation in the development of financial affairs
8- Cargill; An active company in the field of agriculture and food security
9- Bechtel; America's largest construction company
10- Louis Berger; Providing engineering, architecture, planning, environmental, program management and construction services
11- Calvert Impact Capital; Developmental and community-oriented financing
12- Consultative Group to Assist the Poor; Creating efficient local financial markets
13- Banyan Global; Economic empowerment of women in developing societies
14- Criterion Institute; Economic regeneration by changing financial systems
15- Mennonite Economic Development Associates; Providing business-oriented solutions to poverty alleviation
16- DevTech; Social and economic development, governance issues, education, environmental and natural resource management, gender discrimination
17- Freedom House; Helping to research and support democracy, political freedoms and human rights
18- RTI International; Improving the conditions of human societies
19- United States Institute of Peace; Studies and research on war and peace, analysis and providing training in the fields of diplomacy, mediation and providing measures related to peace.
20- Chemonics; Expansion of development and construction topics​​​​​​​

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